Zara Home
Nature Abeto classical guitar, by Alhambra for Zara Home. The most important feature of the woods used are the ribs made of sapele, a wood with a sound that could be described as deep. Due to the contrasts that the grains of this wood create on the ribs and back, the interlocked grain and colourful effect of sapele may vary between one guitar and another, creating unique instruments.
The neck is narrow and made of samanguila wood, which provides comfort when playing.
The saddle and nut parts are made of A-bone, a special melamine developed by Alhambra, a material that transmits a lot of sound and offers a very balanced bright and round sound.
The fretboard is made of palo santo from India, a very hard wood that also offers an elegant touch.

This guitar comes with a vegetable leather shoulder strap and a case with padded interior for protection and transportation, making this set a complete solution for the music lover.

Prestigious Spanish guitar brand Alhambra is recognised for its exceptional craftsmanship and sound. With decades of experience, each Alhambra guitar reflects the mastery of the Spanish guitar tradition, offering a unique balance between innovative design, resistant materials and distinctive sound.
Состав OUTER SHELL 36% wood 35% plywood 15% fir wood 12% brass 2% nickel
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