Bialetti Moka Express Italian coffee pot with a capacity of 6 cups.
The body is made of aluminium with a heat-resistant nylon handle. Suitable for gas, electric and glass ceramic hobs. Not suitable for induction.

We recommend using a medium heat and adapting to the diameter of the coffee maker base. The flame must never envelop the coffee maker or exceed it so as not to affect the structure.
Rinse with clean water after use, without using detergents. The coffee maker must not go in the dishwasher, as it will be damaged and the taste of the coffee will change.
Contains a steam valve which must be turned away from the user to avoid burns.
It has a capacity of six cups of approximately 30 ml.

Bialetti is an Italian coffee machine brand, with a history going back more than a century, a journey full of creativity and inspiration. Always with an eye on the future and a passion for coffee, Bialetti was founded in 1919, in Omegna. It launched its first Moka coffee maker for making coffee at home in 1933. Since then, it has continued to develop products with a focus on achieving the best aroma and taste for coffee.
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